About us

Worthy Face, a fast growing brand, stands for only sourcing and partnering with top manufacturers around and overseas to serve better their customers with quality at a fair price.

Worthy Face came to life in business initially because there was way enough room to improve quality being distributed and sometimes overpriced and believed there was a better way to do it and people are worth more.

By 2021, Worthy Face is launching more products (partnering with top manufacturers) basing on the most needed by our customers. 
Worthy Face is personally inviting you to stop by and try “World Class Fitness Tracker” for yourself. 

Learn how Worthy Face is stepping up to make an impact in the world

 We actively give back to our community as you make purchases.

10% of Worthy Face revenue is going to Yemen’s most in need in terms of food and health services and other basic needs. We teamed up with UNCHR as a way to provide this donation. 

Be part of the good change!

Worthy Face stands with the black lives matter movement and is willing to make huge impact by showing support within our company and our community as well.

Be part of the good change!